Pharmacy Act of Pakistan

Pharmacy Act of 1967

This act is establish in 8 February 1973 to regulate the practice of pharmacy.Within a period of one year from the commencement of this Act; The Central Government shall, by notification in the official Gazette, establish a Central Pharmacy Council to be known by the name of the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan; and Each provincial Government shall in like manner, establish a provincial Pharmacy Council to be known by the name of the province concerned.Each of the Pharmacy Councils established under sub section (1) shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and common seal, with power, among others, to acquire, hold and dispose off property, and shall by its name sue and be sued.

The funds of the Central Council shall consist of such moneys as maybe placed at its disposal by the Central Government where as The funds of a Provincial Council shall consist of the fees received by it under this Act and of such moneys as may be placed at its disposal by the Provincial Government.

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