Pharmacy Graduates' Association of Pakistan – PGA PGA News Aman Ki Asha at Mariot Hotel Karachi

Aman Ki Asha at Mariot Hotel Karachi

On 13th March 2012 PGA delegation Dr. Zain-ul-Hasnain, Dr.Asif Ali Syed (Chief Pharmacist N.I.C.V.D) Dr. Amar Ali, Dr. Humayun Khalid, Dr.Yawar Abbas met with the delegation of NABH (Quality Council of INDIA) during the seminar on “Quality accreditation for health care system”.

In that seminar NABH delegation invite PGA delegation in the International Conference of Pharmacist going to be held in India and discussion made between Dr.ZainabZaidi, Dr.Gidhar J. Giyani and Dr.Zain-ul-Hasnain regarding the International conference of Pharmacist, so this was the achievement of PGA to interconnect Pharmacist at international level.

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